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What’s your Purpose?

I’ve been wanting to do a blog for a while, I just wasn’t sure what theme I would take to distinguish my blog from the many other. I value your time, so I didn’t just want to be another person talking about something insignificant. My company is, Start With Stuart LLC. I speak on the following topics: success, motivation, inspiration, anti-bullying, leadership, student orientation, and I host of other topics. I chose this name, since I was born early(premature) and my first name is Stuart. If you remove the u in Stuart it spells Start!! Then I thought of my brand and the quote tied to my brand: You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great, Zig Ziglar. I couldn’t just stay stuck in neutral if I wanted to move forward with a blog. If you’re going to move forward in life, to have to take steps in the direction of your goals. If doesn’t matter how large the steps are, but you have to take steps forward. My focus will be providing short blogs that include an inspiring quote, and some relevant example to help my current and new followers. Some examples will be personal, observed, etc….. My goal is to enlighten and inspire you to begin to see things a little different and inspire you to take steps forward.

The biggest challenges in life are getting started, continuing the project, and completing the task. Whoever you are and where ever you are, you’re going to have to get started if you want to give yourselves a chance to finish that project. When running a race, you have to run when the gun is fired or you have no chance at winning the race or finishing it. I hope this blog helps you with all three.

It’s easier to do something when you’re passionate about it or you know it’s your purpose. Find your passion, it’s inside of you and often looking you in the face. You do know we all have a purpose for being here!! Often it’s the thing you do with very little effort or you find great enjoyment in doing. Coach John McKay once said the moment you do what you love to do, you will never work another day in your life. I believe my purpose is to encourage others. I find that rewarding. I’ll try not to be too verbose, long winded, or loquacious. As I stated, I value your time. Drop me a line on any suggestions you my have, even if you disagree with what I say. We can learn from each other!! Thanks for visiting and remember: you don’t have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great!



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