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Middle Schools/High schools/Colleges/Universities/ In Service Teachers

Motivational speeches(including orientation program)

Commencement Exercises

Stuart will share the 3C’s that challenge all middle school students, the 3C’s can transform their lives and help them avoid major obstacles!!! Students have a range of possibilities of something happening

relevant to their future.

Stuart has identified the 3 D’s that all high schools students must incorporate!!! There should be a considerable amount of thought by students, which determines the direction they are moving in.

There are 3 E’s that are essential to all college students!!! Students have to strive, assess, or analyze the benefits of doing things.

In Service Training

Stuart has the skills to guide educators as he draws from his wealth of interpersonal experience that includes over 25 years of knowledge. In-service program preparations or faculty peer training will allow  professionals to target their work with others in their peer group.

Most Requested Programs

Steps to Success:

It’s in You Stuart highlights the success of celebrated Americans, while incorporating sports, peer pressure, and some of the potential obstacles in life(teen pregnancy, juvenile crime, etc...). He reminds his listeners that “life is all about choices”. That everyone has to take control of their life(their destiny), and not allow anyone else to lead them. Stuart inspires them to believe that it won’t be easy, but they can do it. He also affirms that “ the journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step” You have to get started, to reach your DREAMS.(teens/adults)

I have Vision: You just can’t see It!

In order to have vision, you first must be able to see. Many of us have use of our eyes, yet we have no vision. As Stuart waltzes through the sequence of events, leading to the realization of his dream, you will draw closer to the things you are most passionate about. The things you love to do so much, that you would graciously do them free(with no compensation). Now that’s Vision!!! (adults/teens/educators)

Where to look for Wealth!

Stuart takes the classic “ Acres of Diamonds “ and adds his own twist, that takes you from the struggles of identifying talents, and focusing on your own unique abilities. During this roller coaster ride, you’re guaranteed to be inspired as he parallels the conception(or development) of a diamond to the growth of a baby in the womb. Stuart reminds us that just as no two diamonds are the same, no one is like YOU! (teens/adults)

Will you Serve Time
(or let Time serve You!!)

We all have 24 hours in a day. How we use it, is up to us. Are you serving time, or letting the time you have, serve you(benefit you). Stuart will motivate you to reexamine your life, your directions, and your goals. Are you existing(just going through the motions) or maximizing your time? We are physically, mentally, and emotionally free to dream, free to grow, free to be the person we were designed to be? (teens/youthful offenders/adults)

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