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About Stuart A. Sands

Stuart believes that “life is all about choices”, however, he didn’t choose to be born premature weighing a mere 3lbs, nor did he choose his home for his first two months of life, as he struggled to survive in Mount Sinai Hospital on Miami Beach. As his body weight fluctuated, he finally gained the additional weight needed(two more pounds now weighing 5 lbs.). He was discharged from the hospital, and now under the loving care of his family. Throughout his life, from adolescence to adulthood, he would continue to face life challenges with the same courage and convictions. On some occasions he made difficult choices, which helped him to avoid gang violence, drugs, and juvenile crime. In spite of peer pressure, Stuart fought to survive just as he had fought during his birth. Stuart candidly shares some of the many choices he has made, that have affected the rest of his life. These stories will also impact your life, as he guides you from where you are, to where you desire to be, so you can live a “purpose driven life”.

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Youth Motivational Speaker

Stuart A. Sands is a dynamic youth motivational speaker, author, and consultant, who inspires students to start, stay focused, and achieve their dreams, while spreading optimism and enthusiasm. Stuart’s known for his high energy presentations that can captivate his student audience. He has the interpersonal and communication skills to relate to teens, that was nurtured during 15,000 plus(one on one) in depth inmate interviews, and interview of family members, potential witnesses, court testimony, and field interviews as a investigator in state and federal facilities, and motivational talks to thousands of students over the years. Stuart’s efforts to guide inmates in their decision making, awaken an innate interest in inspiring teens. Stuart started visiting schools and youth organizations to share his uplifting message, and realized they were being inspired and so was he!!

Those who experience Stuart leave motivated by his inspiring stories, refreshed by his charismatic personality and warmth, and empowered to face their personal challenges. His genuine care and concern for youth is evident in his compassionate delivery, that empowers teens to discover who they really are. Stuart is a certified and award winning speaker with the world’s leader in communication and leadership

Stuart’s Experience 

Stuart is an authority in recognizing and inspiring youth potential. Stuart’s professional experience includes over 25 years with the State of Florida and the United States District Courts as a State and Federal Investigator. His brilliant career includes over 15,000 one on one interviews in state and federal prisons(the only speaker in America) , addressing over 100,000 defendants in judicial settings, assigned over 2,000 criminal cases, attending over 1,000 bond hearings(initial court hearing) from beginning to end, taking thousands of post crime scene photos, investigating/visiting 100s of post crime scene settings, interviewing thousands of family members or potential witnesses in the field, and testifying in numerous cases in State and Federal Courts criminal cases.

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Stuart’s  Education

Stuart earned an Associate of Arts Degree, in Public Administration from Miami Dade College and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Florida International University. Through his knowledge and experience, Stuart has solidified his position as a leading authority in recognizing and inspiring young adult potential. He has the interpersonal and communication skills to relate to teens within their comfort zone.

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